I look at my reflection kinda likin’ what I see

You know I’m a real gone gal.  Sometimes more gone than others.

But maybe you don’t know that I look different when I’m away.  Even when I get up in the morning on the road and take that first peek at myself, I wonder if that’s really me I’m looking at.

I take pictures, even the occasional video, just to see if it might be me.  I never know what I’ll see.

But if I need a reminder of who I am, I can always listen to an archive of Bubbles in the Think Tank.  Somehow it always keeps me in touch with how gone I am.


One reply on “I look at my reflection kinda likin’ what I see”

  1. Fred on

    I find it very hard to believe that’s an accurate representation of what you look like when you’re away from us.

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