I can’t wait until we get together

I don’t always engage in the most healthy activities while I wait that long long time each week until I get to see you again.

I do what I have to do not to find myself brooding over how long it’s going to be and why it can’t just be now.  I find ways to keep myself occupied and distracted as the days creep by without you.

But when the appointed time comes, golly, I get nearly drunk on the excitement.  It’s a euphoric time as we slip into that time slot with each other.

Then I’m lucky enough to have it all here to remember our time together in the archive.

And so the cycle continues.

Each week at Bubbles in the Think Tank.


2 replies on “I can’t wait until we get together”

  1. KTUF on

    I love the euphoria of slipping into slots with Bubbles…

  2. A wonderful show.. music for Jackie Cooper obit was really fun.. but all of it was awesome! This was introduction for me to “Bunky” Skinner.. very fun, and a nod to Freddy.. Thank you Ms. Belinda Bubbles..

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