But once you’ve tried it you can’t get enough

No matter how much time I add on to a “normal” two hour Bubbles in the Think Tank, I could always go on and on.

There’s never enough.

When I get to start early, I still feel like I have to rush it all at the end.  I’m never ready to let it go.

When I go late, at least there is a sense of bonus about it all, but I always end up stopping because I feel like I’ll get in trouble somehow if I keep on going.

More than anything, I do it to be with you.  I steam into the studio each and every week ready with a hunger that only the show can satisfy.  I even feel like I’m rushing you the way I can’t wait to get my hands on the mic.

So enjoy last week’s little bonus blast of music.  And keep in mind that summer is coming, so we’ll keep going long after we should have stopped.


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