Someday, maybe, your biscuits in my homemade gravy

When I like somebody, one of my first inclinations is to offer to cook for them.

On those rare occasions when my offer is accepted, without even thinking about it, I tend to make some dough.

Pizza crusts, calzones, empanadas.  Fresh pasta noodles, salty oatmeal cookies, even some biscuits.

I guess I like to knead.

Any excuse to get my hands all over some dough and some dough all over my hands.  I get to push it around. I pull it and tug it into shape.  I’ve even been known to give it a little spank.  I try to keep it from sticking to the counter (it’s gotta be just wet enough) but I always end up with some on my clothes.

And, yes, doing Bubbles in the Think Tank is often like that.  Luckily it gets a couple of hours in a warm spot to rise.

So here’s this week’s archive, fresh from the oven for you with gravy on top.


4 thoughts on “Someday, maybe, your biscuits in my homemade gravy

  1. avatar
    shakerbell interrupt on

    it’s warm buns from a deep oven for me.
    haven’t finished auteuring yr show yet,
    but i don’t think it can live up to the teaser…

  2. avatar
    Freddy on

    You people have to stop making me hungry !! I really enjoyed this little write-up here and this week’s monologue too. I love the way you put words together (and bodacious ta-tas together) !!!!

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