No-one gets much sleeping done

Some of us Think Tank types have been known to stay up late on occasion.

We all have our own ways of coping with the situation.  A late night chat, getting into the car for adventure, or by just trying to do what it takes to find the relief that finally allows sleep to come easily.

Sometimes we know that Bubbles in the Think Tank may not be the most restful activity that you can undertake in those hours before you slide into those sheets, but we always hope that we give you some good thoughts to think before you drift off.  For that matter, we wouldn’t at all mind being front and center in your dreams.

Let’s hope this week’s archive keeps those dreams alive.


3 replies on “No-one gets much sleeping done”

  1. Freddy on

    Can I comment here ? Can I can I ?? I do love these elongated summer shows, so much fun !!! You’re the best !
    If this comment disappears I’m gonna cry !!

  2. sherry wallace on

    between the sheets in the heat gets sooo cool when thinking of you in my dreams.

  3. Fred on

    Giuseppe the Italian baby-sitter…

    I want that album!

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