Your knees would bend an’ your hair would curl

If you could have only seen what happened.

I try to tell you.  I try to describe every last detail, to make sure you can hear every sound, to imagine every single move.

Sometimes you’re just too far away, sometimes it’s just too darn dark for you to see.

But no matter that you can’t always see it, you still seem to get just as excited about it.

Yet sometimes I still feel the need to try to turn on the camera…

Hopefully the archive will have the same effect.


One reply on “Your knees would bend an’ your hair would curl”

  1. Hi points for me “It’s a Man”… and all that Banana talk and tunes.. loaded with Potassium, and Bubbles Belinda knows I carry them with me all the time. When I was a young woman, we would call the men who came from Greece looking for a Greek American woman to marry, “Bananas”… Thanks for the fun Bubbles Belinda and January.. I enjoyed the show.. and listened while I cooked and worked…

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