One inch away from heaven

We really do get awfully close sometimes.

Each week we come together to nose around for that place that’s no higher.

You burn with curiosity as I seek the most sublime of silliness just for you, never knowing where it will show up next.

I prowl after that culmination we find in the unearthly utopia of the absurd…and pursue the climax that only comes when we meet on cloud nine, whenever it happens, where ever it may be.

So relax and allow this archive to slip inside you as it fills you with the bliss that you can only find at Bubbles in the Think Tank.


3 replies on “One inch away from heaven”

  1. Just click the playlist link below the player/download links. It’ll get you right there! As though you’re never not…

  2. Hey sugar! How can I obtain a list of the coffee songs? You played so many in quick succession, and I would love to pass that information along to this guy I know who operates a coffeehouse here in The Queen City. It would make for great background music in the shop!

  3. Freddy on

    “….the unearthly utopia of the absurd…”, what a great phrase.You and your words make me so happy.
    Methinks that boy oh boy this was a great show….and my sweatpants concur !

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