After many trajectorily successful years on WAIF…

It was the final episode of Bubbles in the Think Tank ORIGINAL on WAIF 88.3FM in Cincinnati.

But the love continues on at Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST on WMFO 91.5FM in Boston.

And it is agreed…we said all there is to say about it, with the help of so many friends of the show.

So listen to it in this archive and know that we’re always here for you, even if we’re not there for you.


One reply on “After many trajectorily successful years on WAIF…”

  1. Screaming Lord Byron on

    Awwwwww! I’ll miss you guys, but from someone who began listening in the mid-80s when the Outhouse was billed as Unsanitary, s’long and thanks for all the mammaries!

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