If you want to see the sights, jump right in

StrangeSightsI see you looking.

And I love it when you do.

I don’t always feel like there’s a lot to see here, but then when I catch you peeking I know I’m wrong.

One little glimpse from you makes me want to open up my bag of silliness and let you see every little bit of it.

And if I even let myself meet your gaze, which I’m getting better at doing every week, I suddenly notice how much there is to show you.  That’s when I toss a little bonus in there for you.

Someday I’ll even catch up on these archives.


2 replies on “If you want to see the sights, jump right in”

  1. Freddy on

    What an appropriately acronymically satisfying show it was !
    And that image is great !
    We are all your curious fishes, BITTT indeed !

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