The B’s Knees of 2014!


Finally!  The B’s Knees of 2014 are ready to share with the world! Whet your appetite with the archive and then go buy as much of this fine music as you can.  And, as always, tell them Bubbles in the Think Tank sent Read more ›

The B’s Knees 2013 – Down and dirty, all for you


I’m not old enough to remember it, but the B’s Knees have been around since around 1800.  Although in the beginning they were considered insignificant (and really, who among us did not have insignificant knees when we started), they have Read more ›

Gotta light the oven, gonna cook a dish of lovin’


You know it’s all about the love at Bubbles in the Think Tank, and what better way to show that love than to cook up a heapin’ helpin’ of silliness? That’s just what Belinda & I did in this show. Read more ›

I said-a find it, find it, darling, love it if you like it, yeah-eh – The B’s Knees 2012


I have to keep my knees in shape to support all of the love I have for the music we play at Bubbles in the Think Tank. I don’t fall in love easy, but, when I do, it’s in a Read more ›

I’m ignoring our expiration date


I can’t even imagine an expiration to these times. Sure, sometimes it’s curtains for us but only so no one can see. When I talk about my last breath, it’s usually about catching it after a particularly fine romp through Read more ›

Poised to sproing


The second we get together, I want to sproing right at you. I take the time to make sure that we’ve got the perfect beginning, just the way you like it, every single time. But it can’t stop there.  It’s Read more ›

Climb on the back, I’ll take you for a ride


I hope you’re comfy enough when I take you for a ride each week. I like how you get all settled in after those first few moments of excitement…you can barely get into the show before you’re all worked up. Read more ›

The B’s Knees – Best of 2011


2011 surprisingly made this B’s knees weak on any number of occasions. And the music was pretty good, too. Here’s the rundown of our faves with a smattering of the running commentary from the staff and listeners over at the Read more ›

I can’t control my fingers


We’ve talked about my touchy-feely ways here before. But just because I know I do it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop. And you never ask me to.  I keep on reaching over and you never seem to swat me Read more ›

Girl Howdy live at Bubbles in the Think Tank


  Somerville, Massachusetts. Not the first place that comes to mind when you’re in the mood to catch a twangy good timin’ honky tonkin’ band. But if you found yourself in Davis Square on Saturday night you were in luck, Read more ›

But once you’ve tried it you can’t get enough


No matter how much time I add on to a “normal” two hour Bubbles in the Think Tank, I could always go on and on. There’s never enough. When I get to start early, I still feel like I have Read more ›

But I take my thrills 33 and a third


Record Store Day sure got me thrilled for last night’s show. I could barely contain myself…or all of the material I brought to share with you.  Heck, I didn’t even have time to take pictures! Yet you still seem to Read more ›

Her light was off and that’s bad


I never like to turn my light off when I know you’ll be looking for me. But sometimes a dark room is the only kind that will work for me. I certainly don’t like to hide my light under a Read more ›

Don’t Let It Be


It was a wild night. At the time, it was the biggest fundraiser WAIF had ever had. 40 bands in 5 hours.  Each doing one Beatles song. The Southgate House was packed.  Dagmar Haagerstom was the MC. Pool of Gyrations…well…that’s Read more ›

Do your duty, never fail


Belated but not belittled, behold the links to our 2010 Mentionables.  Some albums, some mp3s, and some other projects. Placing an order?  Tell them you heard about it on Bubbles in the Think Tank! Euclid Sessions 45s and EP – Read more ›

I pinch myself, but it ain’t no dream


No new episode of Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST this week as WMFO renovates the broadcast studio.  We’re certain to be back in the saddle next week, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, we just can’t stand Read more ›

Ask you for love and you give me an hour


Every show I ask you for love.  And you’re always right there to give it to me. I know you always want to stay for the full two or more hours and you would if you could.  I will always Read more ›

Now I’m gonna draw some lines between the things that I love and hate: Top Releases of 2010


Last year was the first time that Bubbles in the Think Tank EITHER pulled together a Top 10 releases list for the show.  It just seemed like the thing to do, so we did. Beloved by many, reviled by a Read more ›

Then we could crank the heat up and just pretend


But the time I get to the 4th show in 9 days, I can’t tell anymore what is reality and what is radio.  I sure know what feels more real, but the two start to tangle in my mind until Read more ›

Well it’s only the beginning and I pray that it never will stop


Another holiday, another load of radio shows from Belinda and your Bubbles in the Think Tank Posse.  You know we never get enough of you, so these are the perfect times to see if we can at least get enough Read more ›

Chandler Travis Philharmonic LIVE in studio!


Fred, shared Valet of Chandler Travis and Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST, reporting for double duty. Sure thing – let’s go play a few songs on Bubbles in the Think Tank to promote the upcoming Christmas Cavalcades on Read more ›

My head’s attracted to a magnetic wave of sound


Sitting in for Mike at Classic Rock Mine is always a blast. A fabulous time is always had even if I can’t dig that classic rock sound as deeply as he can, but it’s always fun to try. And surely Read more ›

I touched it, it felt good


I’m talking about the radio equipment!  What did you think I was talking about anyway??? But I am a touchy-feely kind of gal.  At museums, I have to keep my hands behind my back to keep myself from touching sculpture.  Read more ›

But this is just the start


You know I love to get started with you whenever I can. So what are we starting this time? I think we should start doing more radio. After 4 shows in 4 days among the ladies of the Think Tank, Read more ›

And the ransom note said “Listen to the vinyl”.


Yup, Radio Porkopolis hijacked the airwaves/stream once again last night (Thursday). In the studio with JF were The Dopamines. Their vinyl release party is tonite (Friday) but they let us have a sneak listen before anyone else. That means that Read more ›

The secret of broadly defined rhythm & blues and soul music

Maybe it’s in here, I just don’t know.  After all, it is a secret. So break out your decoder rings as you enjoy the luscious soul sounds of Belinda sitting in for In the Groove yet again.

Get on up


I could just play Eddie Floyd’s Big Bird on every music show I do for the rest of my life. This episode of In The Groove, among other things, pays tribute to the great recording engineer Larry Levine, the man Read more ›

A debt owed but not forgotten


I’ve owed this one to Mr. X aka Derek for nearly a year now. He was so excited about me playing Dave Edmunds that he wanted a copy. We’ll chalk this one up to better late than never. Not an Read more ›