Hope Change & Inauguration

Eight years ago, we called this the innogination at Bubbles in the Think Tank. But this doesn’t feel anything like that.

I’m posting this special Bubbles in the Rock Mine episode whist watching the inaugural festivities on C-Span. I started early, lingering on the footage of the platform being vacuumed. I’ve bonded with Monty Python fans on Facebook over hearing the John Phillip Sousa’s Liberty Bell during an early motorcade. All in all, a good morning and the swearing in hasn’t even happened yet.

So don’t let your optimistic feelings get away from you too quickly. Keep these 3 hours (!) of hoping, changing and inaugurating sounds running any time the hard cold reality of the world starts to set in. No time to listen, visualize hope by just looking at the playlist.

It’s the least that Mike and I can do for our country.


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