Never rush a pug

Pug Poses With DalekWhat?  You think a blog headline like that is irrelevant to a Bubbles in the Think Tank post?  Ok…so I’ve been watching the dog shows again, and I don’t believe that you can’t dispute the accidental precision of the random quotes of the color commentators.

But back to us.  Consider this from

Some of the words used to describe the breed in various club publications are: playful, charming, dignified and outgoing. Others describe the Pug as a natural clown with a sense of humor. It seems all of these traits are accurate in this fascinating breed. Pugs will enjoy being included in games and will be anxious to learn.

I’m not going to sit here and draw the obvious lines from those qualities to concrete examples of how the show relates.  I’m sure you can make your own list.  I’d like to see it if you do.

I’ll leave it to you to draw any conclusions that may be appropriate to be drawn from this post and its propinquity to this show archive.

At Bubbles in the Think Tank, we don’t want to do your thinking for you.  We know that you, like us, are anxious to learn.

5 replies on “Never rush a pug”

  1. sherry on

    skate boarder mr. kessler rip at age 48. never know when its your time to go.

  2. sherry on

    yes, all dogs go to heaven…..pug, french bull dog and others….

  3. We love all the dogs at Bubbles in the Think Tank! [2009|08|d6e99ffd76752d7f2216519dfd02a883]

  4. sherry on

    pugs are cute, but really like the old fashion french bull dog!!

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