We were just too pure and peaceful to decide

LemmingsI think it would be superfluous to add any comment on current events if I doth quote “Lemmings’ Lament“:

We all want to go underground and get back to the earth,
We don’t want nothing if it isn’t free.
A mighty mass of furry little mindless animals —
A million lemmings marching to the sea.

Rather, I might consider other lines of contemporary commentary…but that rhymes with “Temporary Secretary” which I have been struggling for weeks to get out of my head.  So perhaps I ought not go there.

No, I shall instead yield the balance of my time to the gentlewoman from Cincinnati, the right honourable January Fairy, along with her trusty companion, the English Muffin.

Then I’ll pick up where I left off next Saturday night with another 4 hour Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST blowout as we sit in for the Classic Rock Mine starting at 9pm eastern.

It’s no wonder I need to conserve my content until then.

3 replies on “We were just too pure and peaceful to decide”

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  2. I just need to say that this John Quade dude really gets under my skin. The whole rape commentary just freaks me out each time I hear it.
    I’ve never apologized for anything I’ve ever played on the show before. This may be the time I need to start.

  3. sherry on

    content and choices brings life to autonomy in our constant developing personhood. good place to be. going to check out waif 88.3fm in cin-city at mn to see if i can spot a gentlewoman in cincinnati or benson…. 🙂