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the return of random chalkboard finds!I’ve been quizzed a few times over the years about why I will occasionally play material that is clearly not funny on Bubbles in the Think Tank.  I usually just fall back on the standard “it’s not a comedy show, it’s a silly show” answer, but that’s just ducking out of larger conversations.

In this week’s archived episode, the answer may be revealed to some.  Others may merely feel the need to ask the question themselves.  I say “may” but have already been asked said question in regards to last night.

One of my clearest early recollections of the time I spent with Bill Brinkmoeller on Unsanitary Outhouse is of the night that Bill played the better part of an earlier Sandra Bernhard album.  The program director of the time was livid and called the show, while the album was still on, to reprimand Bill…using much of the same language heard on the album.  Too many motherfuckers was the chief complaint if I recall correctly.  The call escalated, ending in threats of the show being canceled and someone hanging up on the other.  I believed that night Unsanitary Outhouse would be no more.

That show, which thankfully was not the end, must have been near in time to the real-time occurrence of Frank Zappa‘s appearance on Crossfire with Robert Novak (as heard in its entirety in this Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST archive).  Hearing the level of angst in the pants of the non-Zappa members of that panel so many years ago casts a different light on that night’s angry/scared phone call.  That call we never heard about again.

So why do I play material that isn’t funny on Bubbles in the Think Tank?

It’s not a comedy show, it’s a silly show.

3 replies on “You’re just talking about words”

  1. ProtectColorados on

    You have a new fan! I love your stuff here and will be back again.

  2. Not Todd on

    I was laughing out loud at that cover of Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

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