Under the stars on a big hard rock

Have you ever listened to Bubbles in the Think Tank outside?  Not just out on the porch, but really out there.

I, obviously, never got to do it.  I’ve always been inside the studio.  A somewhat controlled environment (I am doing community radio, after all) that tries hard to separate me from the elements.  Not that it’s always been totally successful in its separation efforts, but that’s another story.

Would nature-listening enhance the experience? Would you be bemused yet alert to more silliness than you would notice under the low ceilings of everyday listening?

Or should I be more focused on the rock part of this post’s title?  Sometimes I feel like I’m just banging rocks together looking for that spark of silliness.  Talk about bemused but alert…

Well, enjoy this episode no matter where you may listen.  But do sometime tell me about how your listening environment enhances the experience.

7 replies on “Under the stars on a big hard rock”

  1. if it was 60 degrees or higher for sure i would be cranking my computer out the window! i need to upgrade. but for now, love sitting in my computer room and listening to cool music, a sexy intelligent voice, while i multi-task doing really nothing except satisfying the void of a bubble in my arms.

  2. Belinda on

    I hadn’t thought about the train in ages. I always had a great image of you up in a tower listening to the show.

  3. shakerbell interrupt on

    inside’s an attempt to escape out sides–
    any low ceiling seems a burden
    on the Room without walls.

    all silly sparks welcome in the night…
    bang on!

  4. saintslade on

    I used to listen to Bubbles a lot outside. For a while I was ‘security’ watching a fairly rich guys home under construction in Amelia. Mostly sitting in the car listening to the radio. I remember a skunk walking under the car while you were playing some Flip Wilson. Another job was at a grain elevator where I could listen to the show in a little booth about a hundred feet above the Ohio river, and I remember you interviewing Emo Phillips at the time. I seem to remember you and JF enjoying the sounds of a train passing at the time. I think listening outside is a little more intense–not as much indoor distractions to deal with. Speaking of which, I do look forward to being able to interact on Facebook during future shows.
    Oh yeah, I had almost forgotten about that Bubbles poster–I drew it sometime around ’90 or ’91.

  5. Not Todd on

    Some Harry James for ya

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  6. I had fun last night! It was just what my inner-doctor ordered. [2010|01|13a0dd1b26014d382e190bebbaf246a9]

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