Every night I like the way you beg for more

Even after 4 whole hours of radio, you still want me.

The time swooshes by like hours are mere minutes even though we somehow manage to do things we’ve never done before.

I can’t say no when I’m asked to do it.  I look for every opportunity.

I’m left exhausted but glowing from our time together.  A little weak, possibly famished, and ready for a nap.

When can we do this again?  Whenever it is, I’m sure it’s too long from now.

The archive will just have to keep us company until then.


4 replies on “Every night I like the way you beg for more”

  1. High point for me: Crazy over you! I know how to do it! Donovan, first there is a mountain! Do the right thing! Obits awesome as usual..especially all the KING KONG! :>))) Thank you Bubbles Belinda.. Have a great time Saturday night…

  2. just like it says on on the steno-pad ~hurry home honey, am getting restless.
    and we will all be surely famished for some weeks but perhaps this will be a good opportunity to always remember “absence makes the heart grow fonder”

    thanks for sharing 4 hours with us. swak. s.

  3. I had completely forgotten about the song “I Like Your Kind of Love” by Andy Williams until hearing it on your program, when I remembered that I had heard the song as a child, played on our family’s home stereo. I love it when I unexpectedly encounter a forgotten piece of my past! Thanks for the memory.

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