Her sugar bowl is loaded

I’ve been described a lot of ways in my time on the air.

Sweet.   Temptress.  A fucking scholar.  Pornographer.

That list could actually go on and on.

Instead I think you should listen to last night’s show and come to your own conclusions.  I think those plus many others could be reached.

But I could be wrong.  I’ve been called that, too.


2 replies on “Her sugar bowl is loaded”

  1. Freddy on

    I ‘m sticking with TEMPTRESS…And I wouldn’t have it any other way (smiley face)
    That’s a cute sugar bowl…I like the way you spoon it out to us every week…No wonder I can’t sleep after the show….
    Spoon away, TEMPTRESS, I’m a big bowl of corn flakes, metaphorically speaking (grins)…..
    This monkey knows how lucky he is !

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