The curtains have been drawn

BettyShadeI know what that means, and I love it.

You get up and close the blinds and that’s when I know you’ve got no higher priority than paying attention to me.

No one else needs to see you behind the screen as you shake your stick at all of the silliness I put out there just for you.  No…it’s enough that you share that kind of detail with me.

And I’m so glad that the archives give you a chance to pull the shades whenever the time is right – and even sometimes when it’s not – to revel in what I’ve done.  After all, I did it just for you.

So visit the archives again and again so I keep saying all those silly little things in your ear whenever you want me to.

Playlist – plus a big chunk of bonus material!

3 replies on “The curtains have been drawn”

  1. Fred on

    Sometimes I feel exhibitionist and leave the blinds open…

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