You keep saying you got something for me


And that’s just what Chuck U aka Not Belinda tells you every time I leave. He takes even better care of you than the WMFO Freeform Automatron. So enjoy the archive of his latest excursion into the land of silliness. Read more ›

The curtains have been drawn


I know what that means, and I love it. You get up and close the blinds and that’s when I know you’ve got no higher priority than paying attention to me. No one else needs to see you behind the Read more ›

No-one gets much sleeping done


Some of us Think Tank types have been known to stay up late on occasion. We all have our own ways of coping with the situation.  A late night chat, getting into the car for adventure, or by just trying Read more ›

Not just a different accent, sometimes a different language.


So when is a podcast not a podcast but really a podcast? When our friends from We Are Not Delicious join the Think Tank. Still with the usual silliness, madlib and trivia, but special guests always make it more fun