It’s just the way it ought to be

sheetsYou don’t have to point it out to me.

I know that I tell you how much I love being with you ad infinitum here at the Bubbles in the Think Tank archive.

But you know I wouldn’t tell you so often if it weren’t true.  Our time together is pretty much the only thing I want anymore.

Nothing I can say, though, can express the devotion I feel, the bliss that comes with it and just how much more of all of this I really need.

So let me say it yet again with another archive episode for you.  And that barely scratches the surface of it all…but it sure feels a lot closer.


2 replies on “It’s just the way it ought to be”

  1. What a fabulous show.. loved the music .. and especially loved the tribute to the maker of Magic the Gathering.. and some of D&D.. Thank you so much Belinda.

  2. Ambassador Feelgood on

    My sediments exactly. I wish it was Saturday night at 11:00 (according to the WMFO digital clock) all the time, like right now. But I can just pick an archive, click an archive and make believe.

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