So meet me on the corner of your life

We’ve met here before and we’ll meet here again.  At least that’s what I always tell myself.

I show up at the appointed place and time.  I check the time.  I straighten up.  I look both ways.  I exercise my voice.  I try to appear comfortable and prepared.

I’ve got things to share with you when you get there.  Hopefully you’ll like them and want to know more.  You might even have something to share with me in return.

Or you might not show up at the appointed time.  I’ll still be there, sharing with other passersby who choose to stop to find out just what’s going on.

Thankfully the corner is no longer so limited.  At least I think I’m thankful about that…

Sometimes it’s just good to have you here now.

2 replies on “So meet me on the corner of your life”

  1. shakerbell on

    lots of chuckles
    for those of us who
    drag our knuckles.

    or just, ‘that was solid, man.’

  2. in the game board of life i always like to be the blue game piece. and yes, life is like a game board, when you land on a corner it usually by chance, like the roll of the dice. just hate the corner: go to jail haha!

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