It’s called the cult of inspiration and it is rewarding


Back in the oft-heard chair of the WMFO studios (hey, it’s freeform…the chair can do what it wants), I felt right at home as I settled in for a night of Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST style silliness. But Read more ›

The week has come today


Well, it’s official.  No Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST this Saturday night.  But you will be treated to an extended Classic Rock Mine as Mike holds down the fort in my absence. But, fear not.  You’re silly fix is Read more ›

So meet me on the corner of your life


We’ve met here before and we’ll meet here again.  At least that’s what I always tell myself. I show up at the appointed place and time.  I check the time.  I straighten up.  I look both ways.  I exercise my Read more ›

Well, that’s the good with the bad


Not everyone loves everything we do at Bubbles in the Think Tank.  Sometimes I don’t even love everything we do. Say it ain’t so!  If Belinda can’t love it, then what are the adoring masses to think? Sometimes, I love Read more ›