Cool enough to cool you down like a summer vacation


Sure, it might be cold out now, but I still remember when it was hot.  And yet, I still find myself in need of a cooldown on a few occasions even in this season. Not that it matters too much…I Read more ›

Don’t Let It Be


It was a wild night. At the time, it was the biggest fundraiser WAIF had ever had. 40 bands in 5 hours.  Each doing one Beatles song. The Southgate House was packed.  Dagmar Haagerstom was the MC. Pool of Gyrations…well…that’s Read more ›

So meet me on the corner of your life


We’ve met here before and we’ll meet here again.  At least that’s what I always tell myself. I show up at the appointed place and time.  I check the time.  I straighten up.  I look both ways.  I exercise my Read more ›