Well, that’s the good with the bad

P4110040Not everyone loves everything we do at Bubbles in the Think Tank.  Sometimes I don’t even love everything we do.

Say it ain’t so!  If Belinda can’t love it, then what are the adoring masses to think?

Sometimes, I love the hated.  Hollerin’! The Russian comedy and poetry album. Pat Boone…

Other times, I hate the loved.  And, no, you can’t get me to name those.

All the time, am looking for the best way to point my finger, to make you look at something else but not too much at me in hopes that you’ll see what I see.  And be happier for it.

Speaking of which, listen to the shows of Uncle Dave Lewis, the creator of “The Coliseum” featured in this week’s RadiObituary.

And maybe find a little joy listening to this episode of Bubbles in the Think Tank.  I thank you for it.

2 replies on “Well, that’s the good with the bad”

  1. Not Todd on

    The whole MTA thing was ringing no bells until I heard the refrain, then it all came back to me. Funny how that works. Of course, I can’t hear the Kingston Trio these days without thinking about “A Mighty Wind”.

    And I always loved The Alan Parsons Project. “The Turn of a Friendly Card” is a favorite album of mine.

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