So, wrap me up return to sender


Thanks yet again to our favorite Not Belinda, Chuck U. I go running about and he’s there for us, making sure you get the silliness you require, even in my absence. But I have to say, that I always appreciate Read more ›

And sit around with googoo eyes


As Fred Boak, our Associate Producer and Valet (when Chandler is not using him), said, “We have to go with this title just because it’s Freddy.” And so it was.  The Harem, all together, all staring at each other for Read more ›

And I can’t wait to see you materialize


I’m looking for you all the time. Hoping you’ll just pop up wherever I am.  Online.  At a show.  Walking around aimlessly the way that I do. But no matter what, you’ll aways pop into my mind when I’m letting Read more ›