So, wrap me up return to sender


Thanks yet again to our favorite Not Belinda, Chuck U. I go running about and he’s there for us, making sure you get the silliness you require, even in my absence. But I have to say, that I always appreciate Read more ›

You keep saying you got something for me


And that’s just what Chuck U aka Not Belinda tells you every time I leave. He takes even better care of you than the WMFO Freeform Automatron. So enjoy the archive of his latest excursion into the land of silliness. Read more ›

The B’s Knees 2013 – Down and dirty, all for you


I’m not old enough to remember it, but the B’s Knees have been around since around 1800.  Although in the beginning they were considered insignificant (and really, who among us did not have insignificant knees when we started), they have Read more ›

Just waiting around for the cocktail parties to begin


I’m always waiting. Luckily we always have something brewing.  And so it feels, at all times and with great anticipation, I eagerly await our next expected encounter. As it draws near, the excitement mounts.  When it is at hand, I Read more ›

And there isn’t a glimmer of doubt


…that Belinda was in rare form…that is, she rarely disappears from doing a Bubbles in the Think Tank, but this night, that was the case. However, the show must go on, and Chuck U. took up the challenge to fill Read more ›