You could buy me a burrito


You bought me a junior once.  We were stunned that they’d only let me have 4 ingredients. I’m way too greedy and needy for that.  So you made them just keep piling on and on and on. Then I ate Read more ›

Do you know what’s groovy


I only know what’s groovy because I listen to you. Once I figure out what one of you likes, I figure you can’t be the only one so it must be good. I’m sure you’ll tell me if I’m wrong. Read more ›

That don’t do nothing but make me smile


I always smile when we get together. No matter what kind of mood I’m in, it is always instantly improved by us. And how could it not be…all wrapped up in the silliness of love. Until it happens again, we’ll Read more ›

And she totters and she titters!


Sometimes I fall right over. For lots of reasons.  You’ve possibly witnessed them all. But no matter why it happens, my only hope is that the right bed with the right pillows is there to tuck me into some silliness Read more ›