You be my baby doll, there’ll be a whole lotta shakin’


I try to make you shake your stick every week. I know I do in my own way whenever we get together. That is just one of the millions of reasons I dig being with you. Hopefully this archive will Read more ›

You keep saying you got something for me


And that’s just what Chuck U aka Not Belinda tells you every time I leave. He takes even better care of you than the WMFO Freeform Automatron. So enjoy the archive of his latest excursion into the land of silliness. Read more ›

That’s when I love to slosh about


I’m like a lake sometimes. I limpid pool of love.  I grow damp in the studio just as much from the heat as knowing that you’re listening. I like to splash around in the silliness until all of you around Read more ›