Just lick the icing off the top


Get your long hot weekend started earlier with some bubbles. Then stay with Belinda on Saturday for East silliness. And Muffin and Capt Wednesday on Sunday/Monday for original silliness.   It’s like having cake and eating it too

With lolliepops and pink panties


They really do go together, don’t they? This was what I like to call a show. Not every show is a show, but this, indeed, was. It was inspired.  It took teamwork.  It was referential. Birthdays were celebrated.  Shout outs Read more ›

Oh hear me holler and hear me roar


The rest of the week, I’m quiet. Oh sure, I talk a lot at work.  That’s most of what I do some days. But get me to the show and my real voice opens right up. Not that it means Read more ›