Good and lost in a fool’s paradise


Fools flock to Bubbles in the Think Tank. And by flock I mean that they show up to program a radio show for you every Saturday night. I know, that sounds like a harsh self-assessment.  So I decided that I Read more ›

I just like the looks of you ‘cause you’re little and you’re small


It’s been said that every episode of Bubbles in the Think Tank has a personality all its own.  But we rarely acknowledge the physicality of the show. The space, the temperature, even the furniture, changes the show in some way. Read more ›

I’ll shout myself hoarse for your supernatural force


Sure, I was sounding a little ragged by the end of the show, but what a show it was. The sheer force of good times being had by an lively lot of listeners is enough to power me through my Read more ›