C’mon honey, do you hear what I’m doing now?


You listen so close.  You want to hear it all.  It’s all so musical. Even when it’s not me…and it’s Sweet Joe Silver, Churlman of the Board, NYC Office! Joe made it to the WMFO studios for the second in Read more ›

Just waiting around for the cocktail parties to begin


I’m always waiting. Luckily we always have something brewing.  And so it feels, at all times and with great anticipation, I eagerly await our next expected encounter. As it draws near, the excitement mounts.  When it is at hand, I Read more ›

And there isn’t a glimmer of doubt


…that Belinda was in rare form…that is, she rarely disappears from doing a Bubbles in the Think Tank, but this night, that was the case. However, the show must go on, and Chuck U. took up the challenge to fill Read more ›

Wooo-weee, I was just sittin’ there, just tremblin’!


I get so excited just thinking about someone else doing it. I say it over and over, year after year, and it’s always true. I know I can do it just fine myself, even if sometimes I do like a Read more ›

Who is where doin’ what?


I’ve almost forgotten what was bein’ seen to where and by whom. Fairy was outta town so Lady Red,  Zazuu, Captain Wednesday filled in the button pushing, while KTUF had promo/psa duty. Then Muffin left town and so last week’s Read more ›

Keep on talkin’ hawt stuff.


Summer has hit and with it comes vacations. And guest hosts and hostesses. And surprise visits. And hopefully time to cool off at the pool. Coz baby, it’s hawt out there.

Bring in the body double please.


It was like I was on a different show, only at the same time but with different people. The infamous Lady Red sat in for the Fairy this week. I still didn’t push buttons but I did fill in paperwork Read more ›

Not the whole hog, you know


Another week, another big thanks, this time to Mike from Classic Rock Mine for sitting in at Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST.  He’s been a great addition to the Posse and the whole Think Tank team is glad to Read more ›

The time of our lives was in the present tense


From Chuck U. sitting in on the Think Tank EAST: Where would Bubbles in the Think Tank be without Belinda. Find out, As Chuck U. steps in to try to fill those big shoes. Turntable challenged, yet silly enough to Read more ›

The lazy Belinda’s way to a great radio show


Manomanomanoman! Let it be said that DJ Easy Ed rocked the Tank this past Saturday night sitting in for Belinda. He rocked my billy, he made it silly.  He will be invited back. I’ll be back this week and see Read more ›